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What is Tempered Glass?

Fully tempered glass is approximately four times stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness and configuration. When broken, it will break into many relatively small fragments, which are less likely to cause serious injury and lacerations. The process of tempering begins by sending glass through a tempering oven and heating it to over 600 °C, or over 1100 °F. After this, the glass goes through a high-pressure cooling procedure called Quenching. This is when high-pressure air blasts the surface of the glass from an array of nozzles in varying positions. This cools the outside of the glass quicker than the center which forces the glass to shift internally to pull on its own structure. As a result, the center remains in tension and the outer surfaces go into compression and this is what gives this glass its strength.

Heat strengthened glass is not cooled as quickly as tempered glass is, which means the compression strength is lower. In the end, heat-strengthened glass is approximately twice as strong as annealed glass.

We are SGCC Certified and provide heat-treated safety glass throughout Massachusetts/New England and throughout North America.

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Uses for Tempered Glass

Sports Arenas

Sports arenas and Hockey Rinks use tempered glass around the rink to ensure its stronger and safer for both the players and the crowd. We fabricate pieces of glass for hockey rinks generally 1/2" and 5/8" thick, with polished edges on three sides and rounded corners at the top. Contact us for a quote or if you have any questions.

Table Tops

For table tops that are made of solely glass, tempered glass is used as a safety measure. These work well for: conference rooms, dinner tables, desks, and furniture pieces. The glass can also be backpainted to add a splash of color into the space.

Display Cases

Retail locations who want a glass display case should use tempered glass not only for the safety aspect, but also for the added security. It's much harder to break a piece of heat treated glass than it is a regular annealed piece.


The new rising trend is using glass railings instead of metal/wood pillars to keep from obstructing the view. They can be installed on decks, stairways, walkways, and anywhere a railing would be installed.

Ice Rink Tempered Glass

Office Partitions

Open concept office space is the new standard for building office space. Tempered glass can be used to separate offices as well as build walls for enclosed offices and conference rooms.

Shower Doors

By Law, Shower Doors MUST be made using safety glass. Accidents happen and people can slip and fall, the last thing anybody wants is to fall into a thick piece of glass and get injured. The safety glass in showers is MUCH safer and stronger.

Bathroom Windows

It's recommended to use safety glass in bathrooms due to the higher risk of slipping. Windows that are in showers are highly recommended to be safety glass.

Doors and Sidelites

By law, glass that is in doors and in windows in close proximity to door must be made with safety glass. This includes tempered and laminated glass. Each has their own benefits, but tempered glass is stronger and less likely to break.

Tempered Glass Wall
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