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Fogged Window

Fogged Double Pane Windows

How it's caused and how to tell if your seal broke

One of the most common issues with older windows is dealing with the space between the two pieces of glass fogging up. The double-pane glass itself seems stable, but it goes through a daily cycle of expansion and contraction from thermal pumping. When the sun heats up the air between the panes, the gas expands. At night, the air between the glass cools down and contracts. This stresses the seal over time, which slowly allows increasing amounts of air and moisture to enter and escape between the glass. Generally windows on the sunny side of a building or home fail more prematurely. Vinyl windows have a higher failure rate than wooden or aluminum windows due to them allowing more expansion and contraction.

There are a few ways you can tell if the seal has gone on a double-pane window. The first sign is the accumulation of water droplets inbetween the two pieces of glass which typically happens during more humid weather. Riverbedding is when condensed water inside the window runs on the same path over and over which carves grooves in the glass. The final and sure-fire sign the seal has gone is by Silica Haze. This is when too much moisture enters between the panes and carries eroded material from the silica pellets (dessicant) which then sticks to the glass and stains it white.

Custom Shower Doors

From sketch to installation, we will help you build your dream shower door

Transform the look of your bathroom by installing a custom shower door that fits and meets your bathroom's needs. Glass shower doors and enclosures add a nice touch of sophistication and really open up your bathroom.

All of our shower door glass is cut, polished, and tempered in-house. We will send out a technician who will help draw out your design and take measurements so we can get you a quote. We offer a wide variety of hardware in multiple finishes and styles. Take a look over in our project galleries to view some of the custom shower enclosures we've made and installed around Massachusetts and New England.

Shower Door Glass
Fogged Window

Table Top Glass

Custom pieces of glass to fit any table

Having a piece of glass on your table not only prolongs the life of it, but it also makes it easier to clean and adds a nice touch to your table. If your table is a rectangle, our technicians will just need to take measurments. If your table is a disticnt shape, our techs will take a pattern of the surface of your table and we will use that to make the custom piece of glass for your table.

You can choose between a variety of thicknesses ranging from 1/4" and up. We have an edging machine that adds a crystal clear flat polish to the edges of the glass or a bevel to the size of your choosing - which we recommend when ordering table top glass. We will also deliver and install the piece of glass if needed.

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