Glass Installation Services

Broken windows, shower doors, storefront, mirrors, entryways, glass rails, and more!
Glass Installations

Contract Glass Installations

Below are the services we provide for glazing/installations

  • Shower Doors
  • Architectural Glazing
  • Broken Window Replacement
  • Mirrors
  • Storefront/Entryways
  • Heavy Glass/Glass Rails
  • Office Partitions
  • Skylights
  • ...and more!

If you would like us to provide you with glass installation services, please call our office (978) 988-1144 to discuss what you need. We typically send out our installers to measure for glass and determine what other materials, how many men for the job, and approximately how long the installations should take to complete.

Upon confirmation of the job and all requirements are met, we will begin production of your glass/architectural metals and order any necessary materials. Our Installations Manager schedules when we will go out to work on a job. We work on both small projects at residences and businesses and large projects in commercial glazing. Please contact our Estimator if you would like us to provide services for you or to bid on larger jobs. We take pride in the work we do here at Contract Glass Service, Inc.

How It's Done

The majority of our window replacements are done from the outside for commercial applications. For residential, the majority are done from the interior. It depends on the type of windows, but if you may ask our representatives when measurements are being taken. We do the installations year round, though some jobs are weather dependent. If we need to seal a window, it will most likely need to be postponed due to inclement weather.

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