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A unique fabrication process that uses UV light to create an incredibly strong bond between two pieces of glass

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Contract Glass in Billerica!

In 1978, Bill Crawford rented out a garage and started making insulated units. He would find jobs, measure for the glass, cut the glass and make the units, then install the windows himself. As he started building a name for himself, he was able to start hiring people and buy more equipment. Eventually him and his team were able to grow the business significantly where a much larger space was needed, so he moved the company and his employees to a much larger shop in Wilmington, MA.

Contract Glass Service thrived there for a couple decades growing with every year. CGS started not only manufacturing insulated units, they were started tempering glass and polishing the edges on pieces. Everything was on the up-and-up until one cold day in February of 2011, a devastating fire consumed the building and burned it to the ground, destroying nearly everything. Fortunately no one was harmed, but the business had turned to ashes. Contract Glass was able to rent out a temporary location and started buying equipment to cut glass and make insulated units so that everyone was still able to work.

As the burns from the fire healed, Contract Glass recouped at an increasingly fast rate where they moved to our current location in Billerica, MA, which is a 44,000 sq./ft facility with more top-of-the-line equipment than ever before. We embrace our new logo, the phoenix, which represents our drive and motivation after the fire to build back a new and improved Contract Glass Service.

"We strive for friendly customer service and prompt delivery."

Our Mission

Contract Glass in Billerica!

        Contract Glass Service, Inc. is an independently owned and operated New England based glass and architectural metal company providing product(s), design, fabrication, installation and industry expertise throughout the region for more than three decades.

        Contract Glass Service continues to grow and transform to meet the ever-changing needs of our valued customer base while remaining true to our core standards of quality, service, value and craftsmanship. This commitment fused with the latest products, fabrication and installation techniques and state-of-the-art machinery, keeps Contract Glass Service at the forefront of the glass industry. The Contract Glass Service team consistently delivers our commitment, knowledge and innovation to each project. This dedication to the craft creates more than just product for customers, at Contract Glass Service our people build relationships that stand the test of time because Contract Glass Service can be counted on when you need us most.

"Contract Glass Service is Behind the Glass."

Some of Our Esteemed Projects:

StoreFront - 803 Summer Street, Boston, MA


Storefront 803 Summer Street, Boston, MA
Curtain Wall - Office

Curtain Wall - Office

Frameless Shower Doors & Sidelites

Frameless Shower Doors & Sidelites

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